Fitness Goals

3 Health Habits That Will Change Your Life!

Incorporate these Healthy Habits to significantly change your fitness journey for the better

I really don’t believe I have anything unique or special about me in regards to my fitness level or genetic predisposition for an athletic build. I believe the biggest contributors to my lean physique are these 3 tips:

Time Restricted Eating:

Eat in a window that is shorter than 12 hours long. For example, 8am to 8pm is a great place to start.
Do not consume anything besides water or black coffee/tea before 8am and same after, although I would avoid caffeine then 😉
So many benefits come from this strategy including:

  • Natural Caloric Restriction
  • Potential Ketone Production
  • Increased Sleep Quality (Not digesting while sleeping)
  • Potential HGH Production
  • Appetite Control

For Further Research Check Out:



Make Movement A Daily Practice:
Motion is lotion as they say! Ok maybe they don’t, but you get the point. Just finding a way to move every single day even if that is just taking your pup around the block a few times, doing a YouTube yoga flow, mobility, climbing a tree, taking the stairs, crushing yourself in the gym, etc… Just find a way to move and have fun with it. It will keep you young and thriving


Upgrade Your Eating:
If you make small upgrades to 80% of the meals you eat, you will start to create solid habits that last a life time. Now when I order a burger, it is as if a bun isn’t even included with how ingrained of a habit making that substitution is. You can apply this to almost any meal, here are a few examples:

  • Cauliflower Rice instead of pasta or rice
  • Eliminate bread
  • Soda water instead of soda
  • Add veggies you wouldn’t normally eat
  • Yogurt with berries instead of ice cream
  • Pasta Sauce without sugars in them
  • Really just checking the label for sugars in general
  • Avoiding partially hydrogenated oils
  • Replacing processed sugar with natural sugars
  • You can get creative…

Adopt these 3 habits and I would love to hear how they impact your life. Schedule a call with me to discuss further options!
Stay powerful friends!